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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Day in My LIfe - May 14th 2008

Here it is one month later - Jenny Wren is hosting her Day in My Life again. So here is an account my life on this 14th of May 2008. Pop over to her house and catch up other people's day.

I woke late today feeling weary and just lay there for a while. Nothing planned till the afternoon, which was good as I had spent several hours in the Emergency Dept. at the local public hospital with my Aunt last night and after everything was sorted and I finally got her home it was gone 11.30pm when I got to bed. Arrived at the local Dr’s at 5.45pm and an hour later at the hospital and left there about 10.15pm.

Long story about the hospital visit - it has to do with the ponies at the end of her road and a carrot slipping from her fingers and big teeth trying to eat her fingers instead. I must say you really do see another side of life sitting in the waiting area for 2 hours before it’s your turn to be attended to:(

So after listening to the radio news top stories - the Federal Budget, Earthquake in China, Cyclone in Burma and another shooting in Melbourne I felt it was going to be ‘One of those Days’. I truly wonder what’s going on in our wonderful city it’s not many years since Melbourne was called the most liveable city in the world. I'm not so sure about that now.

DH went off to golf early so I fiddled about with breakfast and then did some surfing and Internet banking accompanied by a couple more cups of tea. Had a laugh when I looked at the desk and saw what he’d been using as a mouse mat. I heard him complaining about ours the other day, being sticky for some reason or another, so when I saw the black hard plastic thing out of one of the ‘green’ supermarket shopping bags sitting there with the mouse on top I was curious and had to try it - top marks for ingenuity DH as it worked :)

Rang my Aunt to see how she was going, talking away and then her doorbell rang, down goes the phone and I hear her chatting to her Personal Carer for the day come to give her a shower and I waited and waited and waited – yes she’s forgotten I’m hanging on. (One of those days)

I then get dressed and go to look for the cat DH let out before he went out. She was nowhere to be found but I discovered it was quite a nice day outside and so pottered around deciding the cat obviously knows it has to be pilled and is hiding in next doors garden.

I had her at the Vets yesterday as she’s been scratching at her ear for several days and after a look in her ear ‘ole as my Dad used to call it has been diagnosed with an inner ear infection – unusual in cats our vet tells me. She finally rocked up from out of the bushes and we get very friendly – I think not – vegemite doesn’t work but tablets sort of go down with the aid of a bit of margarine. Was not looking forward to this evening, as she’d be really keen to come when called – I think not.

Two not just one set of tablets a day and ear drops to be administered – I tell you life is not treating me kindly at the moment. Not treating my bank balance kindly either lol

Then decided I need some exercise so I walked to the local newsagents to pay some bills. Bill Express is a great service, it means I don’t have to go out of my way to pay bills but can do them there by credit card or cash.

The B………. computer at the other end wasn’t working. Not wasted time as I enjoyed the fresh air and did get a bit of exercise but will have to try and remember to do it another day. (One of those days)

Lunch today was coffee and a couple of sandwiches – comfortable food – jam and honey. Not a normal lunch but what caught my eye in the cupboard :)

Took it and ate at the computer – yes I realise its a no-no – but today I felt that way. Surfed around, checked Jenny’s blog to see if anyone had started writing but nothing of interest anywhere.

Then early afternoon I made my way back down to Aunt’s house where we were expecting a physiotherapist who was coming to talk about balance exercises. My cousin was there so we compared notes and I brought her up to date on the finger episode. It remains to be seen whether she can remember to do the exercises each day without a phone call to prompt her but the physio is coming back next week to see how she’s progressed.

After coffee and chat I popped in to the shops on the way home and picked up a few bits and I was able to pay those bills from this morning as the thingamajig was working again.

Talk about One of those Days – as soon as I chose a checkout line I had a funny feeling things were not going to be right:(

Only three customers in front of me – each one had a problem.

No price came up, a disagreement about the price that scanned, and a paddy ‘cose the EFTPOS machine wouldn’t work for her!!

I tell you I was glad to get home and see DH, everything that happened to me seemed so trivial as I listened to his tale of woe about number of shots taken and how the trees jumped out and swallowed his special golf ball– well I had to make him think it did, didn’t I :)

Really feel its been a nothing day and have nothing planned to finish off the evening 'cept have a laugh at Carson trying to tart up some of the housemates on Big Brother. After that I think an early rest in bed with a Milo and a book.


  1. Oh Cathy. I love reading about your day. It helps me get a sense of your life and I love it. I have had blah days where I can't get out of my own way and where I feel like nothing, nothing is going on in my life...
    BTW my DH loved the joke you put up. I read it to him and he fell over laughing. Cheers. Jan

  2. Hi Cathy, thanks for telling about your day. I hope you have a happy Thursday.

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for visiting me :)
    I enjoyed reading about your day

  4. Hi Cathy
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you all t he best with looking after your aunt...oh, and I've copied your golf joke to send to my dad, I know he'll love it!


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