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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where have you been all the day

Busy thats what lol

Life’s been very busy these past few days so haven’t has time to talk.

Plus I’m trying to finish some knitting to take away in a couple of weeks so that’s been No1 time user and not the computer.

Its definitely cooling down at night so changed the bedding during the week and now have the woollen blanket and a warmer underlay on, ‘cose I can’t sleep if my feet are cold I find being warm underneath helps as much as being warm on top. We have the window open slightly at night and on really chilly nights I lay another blanket across the foot of the bed to keep those chilly draughts off my tootsies.

Have lit the pilot of the heater and had a test run to make sure its working ok.

We were quite nice and toastie the other night but can't let it become a habit until the really cold days and evenings start.

It certainly was very cold this morning at 5am when we – DH and I – left home to drive to the city.

Why you ask are you out at that very early time……………….well we were volunteering at the Run for the Kids which was a fun run to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Last weekend - Easter weekend (Good Friday) in Melbourne is traditionally the culmination of the fundraising year for the Children’s Hospital and this was part of that Appeal. Run the week after but still a fundraiser event for 2008.

Over 27,000 runners and walkers (actually 27,498 entrants) took part with a long course (14.5kms) for the diehard runners and a short one (5.5kms) for families and others to run or walk. The organisers were able to give a donation of $378,941.43 to the Good Friday Appeal which was fabulous news.

Can you see the fabulous passage of the balloons over the skyline just as we arrived at our spot. These can been seen as dawn each Sunday morning and one of these days if I can persuade the family to give me a ride as a treat for my birthday I'm going to be in one.

Our role was a Drinks Station Assistant and basically we helped man the drinks tables you see along the roadside of these events. Not only manned them but set up the trestles, laid out, filled several layers of cups and handed them out as the runners passed by.

Then just after the last stragglers went by we had to take it all down and clear the roadside up and leave it as tho we had never been there. lol

Within half an hour of this being taken the traffic was flowing along this side of the road as tho it hadn't been closed for the best part of the morning !!
It was such a fun morning and even tho I got a bit wet it was the sort I enjoy - giving my time to the community for the love of it.

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  1. Hi Cathy,
    Looks like a fun time had by all .:o)
    I hope you stay warm, we are into Spring time here in the U.S. My favorite season.
    Hope you have a great week and relax and stay warm.:o)


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