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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Too hot to handle

The pictures above (taken on our cruise to Alaska a coouple of years ago) show rainy, misty cloudy, call them what you want skies and wet ground -something we haven't seen here where I live for a while.
Its something I wouldn't mind seeing again.
Its been so long since we had weather like this I think my gum boots will have dried up and will leak if I tried them out in the bath. lol

Anyway as much as I love summer I am getting tired of this really hot weather. The days should be cooling down - they started to but then stopped, we shouldn't still have forecasts going up into the 30's, this is Autumn, a time to wind down, not feel jaded and weary. We have another week coming up with high temps and no sign of the days getting cooler.
Poor Adelaide, capital of South Australia, has just recorded 11 straight days with a top temperature over 35c/ 95f - and there is more forecast for next week - read about it here.
As I am on my own this week, DH has gone off to Sydney to help with the Oceania Canoing championships, I was looking forward to getting lots of things done.
Meaning I could make a mess and then have it all put right before he arrived home next Monday.
Unfortunately its been so revolting outside I haven't got into the garage for a clean up which was No 1 on my list so he's not going to be happy. The shire hard rubbish week is coming up and I sort of promised him I'd have a look at some of the extra 'stuff' lurking out there and make a decision one way or the other.
Well - hard cheddar cheese DH I made the decision I wasn't going to cook myself out there and cleared out some more of his side of the wardrobe :))

It has to be emptied for the new one to be fitted so I'm making it easier now, choosing what stays, so we won't have words when that time comes round the first week of April. lol

Fairs fair tho - I'm being ruthless on my side as well.

At the beginning of each year I turn all the coat hangers round the other way so they point out instead of in and as things are worn and rehung they are put back in the usual way, pointing in.
That way I can see what I've actually worn over the past year.
Often there are reasons why some of the clothes haven't been worn (wedding funerals etc) so they are returned and given another chance. Its the other unworn things that are a problem.
I'm a Libran and a ditherer, I think about all sorts of occasions and situations and consequentially have more than I really need. But to my delight at the moment there is a bag by the door ready to go to the Op Shop once its cool enough to go down the street.
And as theres another 2 weeks before the big truck come trundling round to pick up things from the nature strip, I'm sure there'll be a cooler day in that time for both DH and me (they do say two heads are better than one) to do something with garage - won't there??

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  1. Cathy, I am a ruthless cleaner outer. I have no problem ridding the house of the things we never use or no longer need. The Rancher is a saver of anything and everything. It makes for some lively conversations at times. LOL!


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