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Monday, March 3, 2008

So what happened last week?

Crooked my back for one thing – woke on Monday and felt an ache but took no notice but by the evening it was really noticeable.

Its not the first time this has happened so I used some Tiger Balm Muscle Rub before bed and hoped it would be gone in the morning. We’ve long been a believer in Tiger Balm (first used it when we were living in Singapore back in 1963) and I noticed this in on sale at Changi airport quite a few years ago. I haven’t been able to find it in Australia so we always pick some up when we are on our way thru going away or coming home.

Anyway no such luck – still there in the morning so for most of the week I’ve been moving quite tentatively and on occasions saying I must go and see the GP but also hoping it would just go away:(

Sitting has been the main problem – didn’t matter whether it was a hard (kitchen type) chair or soft easy chair I still faltered when standing up and as it wasn’t comfortable at the computer I haven’t updated here or visited many people.

So I have spent a lot of time on my feet or lying down but then I had the added problem of trying to get up off the bed (gracefully) lol - not a pretty site so I stuck to standing and doing lots of things on my feet.

Thought I'd do some cooking as I was on babysitting duties this weekend but it mean't going to the shops for extra ingredients and getting into the car was tricky so maybe Lizzies Cornflake Cake will eventuate next week. We had the children here so I did have some help from DH.

I finally had the elusive mammogram on Thursday - now that entails standing and having delicate appedages being gently (really - I don't think lol) squeezed flat all for a good cause.

It would be good if they could find a cause and a cure for Breast Cancer.

All round Australia in May there are fundraising events for the disease - the Mothers Day Classic is one.

I know there are events like this all round the world and I was surprised to see Holland America even have one on their cruise ships - its called On Deck for The Cure and now it seems other cruise lines are doing it as well.

This is me taking part in the 5km walk round the decks of the MV Zuiderdam in 2006. A good way (in several ways) to lose some of the extra weight I acquired on our trip to Alaska

March means its officially Autumn in Australia and in Melbourne we are having some fabulous weather. Great sunny days and cooler nights. No problem sleeping - cept for the backache - just need slighter warmer clothes in the mornings till there is some warmth in the sun.

I see next doors Oak tree has huge acorns this year and they are about ready to drop - that means they will be easier to pick up than the tiny ones and there will be fewer little trees growing from the ones I miss. It would be fabulous if we could have some rain but theres still none forecast.

With the thought of cooler days we are contemplating where to go this year for a trip. At one time it was going to be taken in August/September as another family and friends visit to England and Canada with some time in Northern Ireland but now we think it might be later and possibly as a trip over to the West to Perth.

This is actually a coach trip itinerary but it shows the things that can be done and seen in the 2,700 km drive across the Nullabor from Adelaide to Perth. Seems thats about the same distance as London to Moscow.

Bye for now - hope to be back soon

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  1. Oh Cathy, you poor dear. I am so sorry you are having trouble with your back. Mine is the same except I'm not comfortable doing anything at all most of the time. I hope you get to feeling better very soon now!


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