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Monday, March 31, 2008

Planted - WHAT?

This lovely picture of one of our grandaughters is the reason I find it hard to drive round the streets at this time of the year.
Hard rubbish collection weeks mean everyone clears out their junk and leaves it on the nature strip for others to look through and take away.
People rifle through the things and take away what they want, can repair and use, the original recycling way
Oh no, thats not the reason - it just seems that way.
Thats how it was decribed to me when we moved here but now some councils are not happy about that and have bylaws saying they will prosecute anyone caught removing goods.
Anyway, thats how I got those lovely wicker chairs in the picture.
Picked them up at the side of the kerb, removed the seat part and tidied them up a bit. Gave them a scrub and a coat of varnish then found round hanging baskets that fitted and planted them with petunias.
In those days we were a bit short of cash and had just starting clearing the garden so I had to find something different to plant in while the shrubs developed.
I love to take something ordinary and use it for a different purpose
I read about Planted Chairs on a site called Garden Web (the Garden Junk forum) and was hooked.
At one time I had several hard backed chairs minus their seats and with square plant pots insitu dotted around the garden filled with annuals but then DH got a bit funny with it and slowly they have been removed.
DH thought I was a bit loopy the time I planted succulents in some old running shoes but they looked ok and it was cheap. I cut a few holes in the soles, filled the shoes with some earth, broke of some pieces of Echivera and popped them into the earth and waited. They soon took root and filled out the shoe and got lots of admiring glances.
Unfortunately with our water situation I find it hard to spare some for pots that will dry out so for the time being there aren't any fun things in the garden ............................cept for those runners that I saw under a bush the other day.
LOL those type of plants will survive any drought known to man :))


  1. Planting the wicker chairs was a wonderful idea.

  2. HI Cathy,
    Love your chairs. I use an old rocler and other items become unique planters.
    Have a great wk.

  3. I have a plant chair! I just planted some ivy in my old pair of rubber boots. Hubby thinks I am a bit nuts but I love doing the unusual. I still have my toilet and bathtub garden from last year! :)


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