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Friday, March 21, 2008

One day it summer - the next its winter

As if on cue the weather changes the day the winter football season starts!!

Last night and today I have had warm clothing on, socks and slippers as well. It’s quite cool outside and - guess what……………………..last night it tried to rain.

Not heavy, just simple drizzle, enough to wet the paths but not penetrate the soil but look, we aren’t going to give a D for effort rather an A for trying. Seemingly next Tuesday is THE day for rain or so the weather bureau says so I’ll let you know if they get it right or not:)

It’s the start of the autumn equinox here in the southern hemisphere, we have the hugest moon outside and it’s becoming noticeable now, that the length of the day is shortening; at the moment there’s almost equal day and night but the long days of summer are leaving us and things are shutting down before winter. It’s only just becoming light about 7am, which on a cool morning like today made me want to stay in bed a bit longer.

I decided instead of a shower to have a bath this morning, so nice when its cool as it’s an easy way to get warm. So with book and coffee for company I step in and probably close to half an hour later I get out. :)

Only one thing wrong with doing this is that I then because I use so much more water than a shower – remember, we are still without rain and most of the country is still in the grips of the longest drought on record - I feel I have to give it to the garden.

So after a couple of hours drying off and lazing around the bucket and me become friends and up and down the hall I go giving a drink to the roses out the front. It certainly makes me think about whether I want a bath or not – I suppose if we had hooked up the diverter this year I wouldn’t have to do that but then I can’t have it all ways because it only took the water to the back garden and not the front.

Judging by the traffic reports and camera footage on TV there can’t be many people left in Melbourne this weekend. For those not involved in religious activities the long Easter weekend is usually a fun one; visiting family and camping seem to be the number 1 thing to do although from the amount of people in Bunnings yesterday I think home maintenance and renovations is also high on the list of things to do lol

We used to be known as the Land of the Long Weekend but various governments and changing work practices have put an end to the amount of public holidays and time off that once was the norm.

So when there is one we Australians make good use of it:))

Anzac Day (April 25th) - which is a National Public Holiday - is on a Friday making it a 3-day weekend and then the next one here in Victoria will be the Queen’s Birthday Holiday in June, which is also the start of the ski season.

Not going to think about that one as its the first day of winter here and usually cold by then :(

I think I have just about persuaded DH the garage is top of his To Do list for tomorrow, with my help of course.

Its good to have him home again – he makes nicer coffee than me and I was getting fed up drinking tea:))

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