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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A hot day in Melbourne

It was a very hot Monday yesterday - top of 37c/nearly 99f so I think you could say it was hot and this is what I did on a hot Monday here in Melbourne.

I took part in a parade - well - rather me and my other Red Hat friends took part in a parade. A few people from several chapters came to town to show Melbourne that turning 50 doesn't mean you have to give up on fun.

The annual Moomba Parade as well as other festivities and world class waterskiing events on the Yarra take place during the Labour Day weekend. We walked down Swanston Street and over Princes Bridge right here in the heart of our lovely city.

Click on this link or on this one to find about the fun weekend we call Moomba.

The sides of the roads were packed with people, lots of families waiting for the different community groups and floats to come past.
We had such fun but oh it was so hot.:)

Sorry its a rather small photo - taken by another person's DH so I can't grumble but if you click it will miraculously enlarge itself (or at least I hope it will ) and you will see us in all our glory.

I'm on the front row over to your left with the red runners on, sorry not looking at the camera. Jen is the lovely lasy having her picture taken at the time.

We were so glad to be near the front of the parade, it must have been scorching for those who came later and I was so glad I put my capri pants on even tho they weren't quite the dark purple they should have been. :))


  1. Hi Cathy, I like the red runners! Your hat was down in your face though...lol. I am old enough to be a red hat lady, too. Thanks for dropping in to visit my blog. I made it back from Oklahoma safely. The Cherokee people were just so lovely and friendly! I will miss them.

    Have a wonderful day, stay cool! M

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Hats off to you!

  3. What a fun time! I haven't been to my Red Hats meetings in forever. Goats seem to take up most of my time. I am going to have to get back in with my girls as we always had such fun! Thanks for bringing some good memories out for me.


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