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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here comes that rainy day feeling again

And it’s fantastic:)

Have put my plastic wheelbarrow out in the middle of the garden in the hope of catching some of the water:)

I found one like this at Bunnings about 3 years ago and its been so handy.

I don't have to worry about it getting wet if its not put away in the shed - I know - until this week there hasn't been much chance of that happening recently lol

I've had another fabulous one for many years thats so easy to handle but has lost some of its bottom 'cose its been left out and rusted. It has great big wheels that pump up and one long handle to pull it around and still gets used for things that won't fall through:))

Pottered round this morning doing little jobs in the house and then when the rain started just after lunch I started a new book.

Hidden Depths by Ann Cleeves

A ‘who dunnit’ set in the north of England with lots of local dialect to listen to in the dialogue, it isn’t a hard book to read and it kept my interest the entire wet afternoon.

Will be going to an early bed soon complete with said book and a hot Milo and if it gets any colder maybe a HOT water bottle for the tooties


  1. Hi Cathy,
    In response to your question about the dolls. I have been making this type of doll since January. I fell in love with the style and taught myself how to make them and then persisted. Its now my passion!

    Good for you getting the garage cleaned out. Jan

  2. Glad to hear your having some rain down that way Cathy. Enjoy your reading :-)

  3. Thanks for dropping in Cathy.

    I think that's why I couldn't resist buying the tea /coffee set, because I do have a blue kitchen. lol

    We have had abit of thunder and lightning, but nothing major. LOTS of rain though. And very overcast days at the moment.

    hmm..sorry not sure why my pictures can't be enlarged. (Will try to figure it out)

    Have a great weekend, Vi

  4. Starting raining last night, hope it rains all day, so I can snuggle in with my family.Other than a kids party to attend late in the day & taking the mutt up to to the vet, I plan to read a book, bake some items for the bake sale on Sunday & give time for my allergies to subside.
    Enjoy your day!


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