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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finished, Frugal and Fantastic

FINISHED - Well we managed to finish clearing out the garage yesterday. It now looks fabulously tidy and quite spacious:))

In the end it was untidy more than overcrowded and apart from some computer boxes (metal not cardboard) there wasn't a lot of rubbish in there. Unfortunately the shire won't take computer parts so we have to find another way to get them recycled.

Dh was really good about the whole thing and agreed that hanging on to stuff he's not going to utilise elsewhere is silly and if someone else can use them by adding new innards he'll let them go.

I've given him some time to try to find a new home for them so he's going to ask around if no joy they are going to a recycle place close to the city - if I can remember the name that is.

We have Burmese cats - they are adorable and over the years when I was breeding we had quite a few queens as well as pets - no entire males tho. My girls always went out for mating.

However they have one trait that has always caused a little friction in our house - they think they are human and where I went they wanted to go. Right from kitten they assumed they slept on the bed with us and no matter that they had lovely beds all round the house sleeping on and in our bed was what they wanted. When there was just one or two it was no problem but as the population grew DH put his foot down.

Closing the bedroom door meant nothing to them, they scratched, howled, whined, ran round like hairy monsters and were absolute pains so during the summer they all began to sleep in the outside runs. When the girls were on call they weren't in the house anyway but were penned outside so it didn't bother them and those with kittens were inside with their babes and otherwise occupied.

Winter time I began to utilise the garage, no car in there and so they had big beds, cardboard boxes, heating pads, litter trays, water bowls..................they had all mod coms and were warm and DH was happy 'cose he got a good nights sleep.

Now to the FRUGAL bit

There are some very good paper litters that can be used inside that are fantastic for removing 'bits' and controlling odours and I used these when I had kittens however they are expensive so for the others I would loook for a cheaper alternative and talking to other breeders found out about a furniture factory not too far away that put huge bags of sawdust out side for anyone to go and take away.

For FREE yes FREE - for nothing - so you couldn't knock that back.

It has one drawback tho and that is because it is fine it seems to go everywhere, its all over the floor near the trays and gets into their beds. This is what made the place out there look so messy, after seeing to the trays each morning I then had to go and sweep, and shake or change the blankets in their beds most days. These cats are creatures of habit and when they are inside the house they ask to go out and then use the tray in the garage instead of scratching around in the dirt lol. I've seen them run from the bottom of the garden and use the tray in there.

At the moment I've put sheets of newspaper under and around the trays to try and catch the rubbish but I'm contemplating going back to the paper litter which isn't messy for a change and a break from the constant housekeeping in the garage of all the places - even tho it will cost me a fortune - I can get the biggest bag for about $20 in a fodder store close by and even tho we are down to 2 cats now with daily changes its gone quite quickly.

Decisions Decisions

FANTASTIC news - it rained and rained and rained last night and the sky today ( Tuesday) is threatening with huge great black clouds and there are gale warnings out for various bays.

It did more than rain last night - it poured and the thunder roared and the lightening flashed and it was glorious. Kept hitting the nearby hills and rolling back over our place. I jumped a mile one time with the huge bang and expected the power to go off. Several places seemingly had cuts but not our area.

Sometimes the weather man does get it right :))


  1. Oh how I feel you on the liter costs. We have seven cats and we go through it so fast!

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I raised and sold siamese kittens in my 40s. I really enjoyed having all those babies around.

  3. It's such a nice feeling to have a tidy garage. dh is always tidying ours only to have j hunt for stuff he needs to play with or a project. And he never puts anything away.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am camp director & church representative again this year. Recruiting volunteers, assistant coaches, bake sale fundraiser this Sunday. The camp is run by UW Sports Ministry out of Colorado. They will send 4-5 professional, college coaches in to run the camp. I do all the before planning with their help & their manuel.

  4. I read David McMahon over at authorblog - http://david-mcmahon.blogspot.com/ and he has been talking about the drought in Austalia - sounds really bad.

    No wonder you are so happy when it rains!

  5. My fiance and I cleaned out our garage about a week ago now. I posted pictures on my blog but it was amazing how much stuff that we had crammed in their. We donated most of it, sold a couple things, and recycled everything else. It feels great to have it all gone!




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