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Friday, March 14, 2008

A day in my life March 2008

Well now where do I start in telling you about my day – oh yes at the beginning lol

My friendly motorbike alarm clock woke me as usual at 6.30am. We have a neighbour who leaves for work each morning at that time and for some reason can’t move off when he starts the bike but leaves it running waking everyone in the surrounding houses.

I lay there for a while listening to Red on ABC 774 (the old 3LO), let the cats out, thinking about the stinker of a night it had been, looked at the thermometer near the back door (27c/80f) and thought about how hot it was going to be later in the day.

The radio weatherman said A Total Fire Ban Day and a forecast of 40c/104f and that definitely wasn’t what I wanted to hear so I made a cup of tea, brought that, some cereal and yoghurt back to bed (Dh is out of town so I can do that lol) and read for a little while.

My book of the moment is The Night Watch by Sarah Waters, a very different book about several women during the 1940’s and how their lives were interwoven both during and after the war.

Stripped the bed and put the sheets and other washing on and then started on the dishes.

Flylady would not be very happy with me, as I’ve been a bit busy over the past couple of days and certainly hadn’t shone my sink the night before.

Consequently there were a few (well more than a few) possibly most of the cups (plus a few plates) we own sitting there all nicely stacked but unwashed. Doesn’t happen when DH is at home but I tend to get sidetracked and involved in other things and dishes are the last thing I think about.

Washing on the line and freshly showered I remembered to pull down the outside blinds and I was off to my Friday volunteer commitment.

I am involved with a programme that comes under the umbrella of Sids and Kids Victoria where we provide layettes and other items for families who lose a baby pre-term. A volunteer myself I co-ordinate the volunteers who make all these tiny items and also give some time to the newsletter so it can be quite taxing most weeks. I give 2 days a week to the programme but as I said sometimes it’s a lot more than that in actual time.

Had a busy morning helping to size garments and adding new names to the database. One of ‘the girls’ had a birthday so we had a fabulous morning tea, which meant I didn’t need much lunch when I got home :)

I remembered to pick up my coffee grounds from the little café close by, had two containers waiting so the roses will be happy but I wasn’t happy to find a very very HOT steering wheel waiting for me outside – guess who forgot to put the shiny cover on that sort of keeps the heat off it :(

Hot as it was I walked up the drive to the post box for the mail and brought the washing in as soon as I got home. Put the dishes away while the kettle was coming to the boil and that certainly made a difference in the kitchen. A clean sink area and bench top really helps give the kitchen a calm appearance. My kitchen can sometimes be like a war zone as I’m not the tidiest cook but less said about that the better lol

Once I’d had lunch I typed out a personal carers’ roster for my aunt. There’s so much information on the weekly sheet they send her, she doesn’t understand it all and becomes confused so to make things easier I give it to her in a simpler form.

I moved on from that to putting together a new shoe rack to go on DH’s side of the wardrobe. The one he uses now is getting rickety and the Reject Shop had some nice white metal ones that will look good when the wardrobe is refitted soon. Its slightly longer as well which means the shoes aren’t touching and he can get an extra pair on each shelf. He’s worse than me for shoes and runners!

3pm and 35c/95f, decided I really needed to turn the cooling on.

Still in the bedroom had to make up the bed or I would have been sleeping on the uncovered mattress tonight. Since my moan the other week about the chest of drawers never being tidy I have made an effort to keep it clear and pick up clothes each morning which means I’m not getting as stressed about it now - all I had to do was make the bed up fresh and the room was finished. I love a bed with fresh sheets so am looking forward to getting in there later on with my hot Milo and book.

Of course the washing that came in off the line had to be dealt with, sheets and towels folded and put away, clothes that don’t get ironed hung up and put away, all the other stuff folded and put in the ironing basket. And there was also some other washing from the other day on the couch waiting to be folded – told you DH was away and I’d been busy with other things :)

After all that I was glad the phone rang and gave me a chance to sit down and do nothing:)

Heard from DH in Penrith where it reached about 29c, quite pleasant he said. ‘Slept like a log, nice and cool’. Little does he know these hot days are supposed to extend right into next week ha ha.

Made a small naked ham salad for dinner – ‘naked’ coming from the hilarious waiter we had one time who told me thats what he called a salad without a dressing and that’s what we've called it ever since. I'm a very plain eater, sometimes I'll have a bit of English Salad Cream on the side of the plate but a tossed dressed salad is not for me.

There you are, Friday 14th March in my house. If you got this far I commend you – It’s been a long hot day for me as well.


  1. Cathy, I really enjoyed that. You sound a lot like me. I hope the weather is a bit kinder today though it's good for getting the washing dry.

  2. H Cathy,
    Thank you for sharing your day. I feel like I have been there with you just by reading about it.

  3. Hi Cathy,
    That was a busy day! It was good weather for drying the washing.
    Cheerio, Ann.

  4. Well, I'd like some of you "hot" day. Here in Maine it feels like its been snowing since the end of November. I can't even get to my clothesline for the high snowbanks and drifts!

  5. Loving the 'naked salad' description Cathy.

    Ours are almost all naked as no-one agrees on the same dressing and salad is usually in a central bowl. Heinz salad cream used to be my favourite but I forgot all about it so now you have reminded me lunch today will be Naked salad with bubble and squeak.

  6. Ha! Flylady would have kittens over my kitchen sink.

    I can't believe your heat! It is still cold here, I can't wait for spring and my new garden :)


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